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If we choose Good Choice, who will be dealing with the after sales?

Me. Unlike most high street or online estate agents where you can be passed between numerous members of staff, I will be your sole point of contact throughout. This way there is great continuity and I will be available to you 7 days a week.


By advertising our property solely on will that reduce our chances of selling?

I don’t believe so, no. An independent survey asked “which websites do you expect your proerty to be marketed on?” and 94% said With over 115 million visits a month and approximately 4 million visits a day that’s nearly 3 times more than any other property website and makes the number 1 searched for UK business on Google in 2014. In short, if you are looking for a property why wouldn’t you use I just think if I were to advertise on other sites too then I would have to charge higher fees - unnecessarily in my opinion.


Why do you charge a fixed fee and not a percentage of the sale price like all the high street estate agents?

I believe that charging a percentage of the sale price is unfair, simply because all property owners end up paying a different price for the same service. How can an estate agent justify charging someone £1,000 more for the same service just because their property has a higher value? It makes no sense to me. With fixed fees everybody has the same fair choice.


Why are your fees of between £995 and £1,495 so low compared to the average selling fee in Northampton of £3,000 + VAT?*

I just don't believe they need to be higher. Our overheads are low, there is no plush office, commission paid staff, or a fleet of flash cars. I work from home and I have everything I need to get you moving, for less.

*with the average estate agent's fee in Northampton being 1.5% on an average sale of £200,000 that represents fees of £3,000 (£3,600 inc VAT)


A high street estate agent may say if you pay upfront what motivation will I have to sell your property?

Reputation is everything in this industry. Without a good reputation which comes from a good sales and service record there will be no future business. This is why you can be sure you will receive the same level of service whether you pay upfront or on completion.